In Contemplation

One of the main themes from my recent photo shoots has been people and the many differences and similarities in this small country. Nowhere was this more obvious than in Jerusalem where age, ethnicity, religion and orthodoxy paint a very broad spectrum of people and emotions.

Here, a Hassidic Jew sits contemplating on a bench, right around the corner from the Western Wall. He found the experience at this holy site to be overwhelming and he was not alone. Others were brought to tears, joy or religious fervor. As my Mother-in-law said it best “I can’t believe that I’m actually here”.


Posted: March 30, 2010  /   Taken: March 23, 2010

Camera: Canon EOS 50D

Focal Length: 95mm  /  Shutter Speed: 1/160 second  /  Aperature: f/4.5  /  ISO: 200



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