The Sights and Colors of CES 2013

After a couple of years off, I had the opportunity to return to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where the worlds largest electronics brands (well, most of them) put on a dazzling display of the latest and greatest in incremental technology updates. While the best stuff is being shown in private meetings and behind NDA protected doors, the floor displays at the Convention Center still offers a fun colorful look at today’s technology.

I brought my cynical perspective, tired feet, and low-on-battery camera to try capturing some of these sights. After hours of walking, I came up with several conclusions:

  • In some cases technology looked better 100 years ago
  • Everyone loves showing off their 3D TVs (especially the amazing LG massive wall of screens) but don’t forget to wear those glasses
  • They’ve come up with some interesting uses for the undesirable Windows laptops
  • Even masked movie superheroes can shill for Chinese TV makers
  • You can’t tell the difference between a photo of something real and a photo of a new TV showing a photo of something real
  • Lions don’t like being caged in 110″ TV screens
  • And two bonus photo: Ironman in Hipstamatic Tintype and a fake Polaroid iPhone filter photographs “the” real Polaroid.


    Posted: January 20, 2013  /   Taken: January 10, 2013

    Camera: Canon EOS 50D

    Focal Length: 35mm  /  Shutter Speed: 1/15 second  /  Aperature: f/4  /  ISO: 640


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